Welcome to BioElectroSpec!
BioElectroSpec is building new analytical tools for genomics and proteomics studies.

The sequencing of human genome sets the stage for proteomics: the large-scale analysis of proteins. By revealing the complex relationships between proteins and both disease and health, proteomics will create unprecedented opportunities in the research and clinical arenas. BioElectroSpec's product line of TIRF and TIRF-EC biosensor instruments and accessories allows highly sensitive and selective detection of bimolecular interactions. These products target a broad market of researchers in academia, pharmaceutical industry and government. BioElectroSpec is currently working under contracts from National Institutes of Health and Homeland Security Advance Research Projects Agency. In the current market BioElectroSpec is the only source of advanced TIRF products. TIRF biosensor instruments have great potential to revolutionize research in life sciences.

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